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Main technical parameters of lifting system of HZQY900T beam launcher

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HZQY900T beam launcher could install 900t precast girders as well as carry it from precast yard to installation position.

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How about lifting system of HZQY900t beam launcher?

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Lifting system of HZQY900t beam launcher is used to lift and lower down 900t precast girders with full span method.


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What are details of moving system of HZQY900T launching gantry?

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HZQY900T  launching gantry is driven by 28 driving wheels (14 sets, 2 for 1 set) for rear vehicle and front vehicle, the driving power device is of a built-in hydraulic motor connected with wheel hubs of all driving wheels by speed reduction gearbox. Hydraulic driving motor is of variable piston motor connected with gear reducer by same shaft. Reduction gearbox has brake device.

Parking brake is of normally closed type brake which could ensure a higher brake safety as the motor misses and the complete machine is located on the ramp. All driving motors are in parallel oil supply to ensure a same output torque.

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Main technical parameters for 900t launching gantry

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ZZHZ 900t launching gantry could both install and carry precast girders, which is specially designed and developed by ZZHZ for high speed railway projects.


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Purpose of 900t launching gantry integrating girders carrying and installing

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900t launching gantry integrating girders carrying and installing moves by tires, with steel box girder as main girder.


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What are inspection standard for load test of cranes?

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After each crane is prefabricated, we will make a load test before leaving the factory, which ensures the crane to work well and safety in the worksite.

beam launcher in Saudi Arabia

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What is honeycomb girder structure?

FAQ 一 15, 2016 No Comments

Honeycomb girder structure is specially developed by ZZHZ, used as main girder of gantry crane and highway launching gantry.


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Common configuration for HZQ30/100 overhead launching gantry

FAQ 一 14, 2016 No Comments

HZQ30/100 overhead launching gantry is used to construct bridge with span <=30m, lifting capacity<=100t. Below common configuration is for your study:


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Special advantages of honeycomb type overhead launching gantry?

FAQ 一 11, 2016 No Comments

Honeycomb type overhead launching gantry is developed by ZZHZ as a patent product to combine advantages of truss girder launching gantry and box girder launching gantry.


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What are not included in the quotation of launching gantry?

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Usually when we give a CIF quotation on honeycomb girder launching gantry,  we include 3 parts: FOB China port, Insurance and Sea freight to destination port.


Where fees for below parts are not included:

  1. Girder lifting and carrying equipment (girder carrier and gantry crane);
  2. Personnel and equipment to assemble launching gantry in the worksitePersonnel: 8-10 workersEquipment: Truck crane>30t                  1 set

    Φ19.5 steel wire rope 8m               4 ropes

    Sleepers                             several

    Electric welding machine                1set

    Oxygen, acetylene                     1 set

    Hammer(12pound、8pound)          1 set for each

    Wrench and pincher                    several

    Gradienter                           1set

  3.  All cost from destination port to worksite is not included.
  4. All maintenance cost and service cost after 1 year quality warranty period shall be in clients’ account.
  5. Inspection fee for the 3rd party international inspection agency is not included. But all the equipment has a quality certification gave by our quality inspection bureau.