All launching gantries produced by our company totally comply with the customer’s different requirements. Once receiving the demands, our professional engineers will do the specific analysis and design. Finally we will provide the perfect equipments which can completely meet the construction requirements.

HZQ Launching Gantry for Highspeed Railway Launching Gantry for Highspeed Railway

The launching gantry is used to install full span box girder  in the high-speed railway and passenger railway line bridge projects.
Honeycomb Girder Launching Gantry  for highwayHoneycomb Girder Launching Gantry  for highway                                                                                            Honeycomb girder launching gantry  realizes  erection of full span precast girders in highway projects.
HZQ Launching Gantry for Highway and Railway Launching Gantry for Highway and Railway                                                                                                  The launching gantry meets the girder erection demands in both  highway and railway projects.
The HZQ Series of Launching Gantry Integrating Carrying and ErectingLaunching Gantry for Girder Carrying and Erecting                                                                                   The launching gantry can accomplish  girder erection as well as girder carrying.
Upstroke movable support systemUpstroke movable support system

The equipment applies for various bridge girders casting-in-place projects.
Downstroke Movable Support SystemDownstroke Movable Support System

The equipment applies for various bridge girders casting-in-place projects.
Segment Assembled Bridge Girder LauncherSegments Assembly Launching Gantry

HZP1600 segments assembly launching gantry is used to erect the prestressed concrete girder with span 50m and 51m.