Exlusion list of CIF quotation on launching gantry

What are not included in the quotation of launching gantry?

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Usually when we give a CIF quotation on honeycomb girder launching gantry,  we include 3 parts: FOB China port, Insurance and Sea freight to destination port.


Where fees for below parts are not included:

  1. Girder lifting and carrying equipment (girder carrier and gantry crane);
  2. Personnel and equipment to assemble launching gantry in the worksitePersonnel: 8-10 workersEquipment: Truck crane>30t                  1 set

    Φ19.5 steel wire rope 8m               4 ropes

    Sleepers                             several

    Electric welding machine                1set

    Oxygen, acetylene                     1 set

    Hammer(12pound、8pound)          1 set for each

    Wrench and pincher                    several

    Gradienter                           1set

  3.  All cost from destination port to worksite is not included.
  4. All maintenance cost and service cost after 1 year quality warranty period shall be in clients’ account.
  5. Inspection fee for the 3rd party international inspection agency is not included. But all the equipment has a quality certification gave by our quality inspection bureau.
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