Launching Gantry for Highway and Railway

launching gantry
Application range and usehide/show
HZQ series launching gantry both for highway and railway construction is designed by our company according to the situation where nowadays railway is expanded with less base, more bridge, and bridge and tunnel connected closely. Combining the characteristics of present launching gantry at home and abroad, our launching gantry for highway and railway are quite reliable and convenient.
Main features and advantageshide/show
◆ Low height, narrow width, light weight and compact structure. The whole set can pass through the tunnel; what’s more, it can feed girder and erect girder (lift girder) in tunnel.
◆ The length of the maximal part is no more than 10m which can meet the vehicle transportation rules.
◆ It equipped with auxiliary trolley and special gantry (gantry frame) which has complete function, it not only can erect girder (lift girder) bidirectional, but also can pave rails. It can erect (lift) the girders of highway after it refitted partly and replaced part components.
◆ It can move a long distance on the rail with self- power
◆ Its assembly, disassembly and maintenance are very convenient. It only needs to disassemble partially when transfer site by train, the special gantry can fold and pack by itself without a hoisting machine (crane).
Main Parametershide/show
Type HZQ32/165T
Span 32m
Lifting Capacity 165t
Cart Moving Speed 4-8m/min
Trolley Moving Speed 2.75m/min
Trolley Lifting Speed 0.5m/min
Centeral Distance Between Two Girder 3.4m
Machine Gauge 1.435m
End Cantilever Defletion 480mm
Middle Girder Defletion 38mm
Max Wind Force ≤6 grade
Curvature Radius ≥700m
Longitudinal Gradient ≤±20‰
Transverse Gradient ≤±20‰
Self-weight 160t
Power 150/kw
The design basis of producthide/show
We design the launching gantry according to the rules of the newest machinery and crane in China, the rules are following:
《Cranes–Test code and procedures》 GB5905
《Safety regulations for hoisting machinery》 GB6067
《Code for design of steel structures》 GB50017
《Safety technology specification for special equipment》 TSG Q7002、Q0002
《Code for construction and acceptance of steel structure》GB50205
《Standard for quality inspection and evaluation of steel structure engineering》 GB50221
《Weld Outer Dimensions for Steel Construction》GB10854
《Code for construction and acceptance of electric equipment installation engineering》 GB232
《General technical requirements of assembly》 JB/ZQ400.9
《Mechanical properties of fasteners》 GB3098
Main requirements of designhide/show
◆ Technical index;
Safety factor 1.5
Using grade: U3
Load state: moderate
Working grade of the whole machine: A3
Working grade of the mechanism:M4
Working condition and requirements of design etc.
◆ Calculation analysis and check-calculation of the whole structure According to technology condition of design of crane, we confirm the construction condition, and then calculate and analyze the strength, stiffness and stability.
After the classical calculation, we start the calculating work of design of steel structure, and adopt the finite element analysis, the load applied to models respectively, and then calculating and analyzing beam element and plate element. Finally, the authoritative department will check and calculate again.
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Disassembly and steps of transferring sitehide/show