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900T Upstroke MSS Bridge Creating Machine

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1, Applicable scope and purpose:

MZ900s Upstroke MSS Bridge Creating Machine is an exclusive equipment for the 32m continuous box girder field casting construction in the railway passenger transportation line project.

Upstroke MSS Bridge Creating Machine

900T Upstroke MSS Bridge Creating Machine

2, The main characteristics and advantages:

a, This machine can realize the moving from one pier to next pier by itself, without other auxiliary facilities on the ground. It owns the       characteristics of high mechanical degree, safety and reliability.

b, Equip with the ceilings of rain-proof and sunscreen, the machine can operate in any time and any weather to improve the working efficiency and guarantee the construction period.

c, While erecting the continuous girder or transferring, we just need to expand the side mould frame and base mould. There is no need to dismantle the whole machine in order to improve the transferring efficiency.

d, We stick to the symmetrical design principles for the main girder and mould frame. So if there is the two-way construction condition, we just need to replace the position of the front guide girder, front and rear support leg, auxiliary support legs.

e, The machine can accomplish the segmental assembly erection of 32m box girder without making the adjustment on the main girder and support leg mechanism.

3, Design Documents:

MZ900s UPstroke Bridge Creating Machine in passenger transportation line project is designed according to the <<Purchase and Sale Agreement>>, the drawing of concrete box-girder, piers and abutment provided by customers and some national design standard in the field of machinery.

<<Crane Design Standard>> (GB/T3811)

<<Steel Structure Design Standard>> (GB50017)

<<Code for design ofRailwayBridgesand Culverts>> (TBJ2)

<<Construction Standard ofRailwayBridgesand Culverts>> (TBJ203)

<<The Steel Rope for Important Purpose>> (GB8918)

<<Code for Construction and Acceptance of Electrical casino Appliance Installation Engineering>> (GB50256)

<<The General Technical Conditions for Hydraulic System>> (GB 3766)

<<Railway Construction Safety Regulations>> Part-I (TB19491.1)

<<Mechanical Properties of Fasteners—Bolts, Screws and Studs>> (GB 3098.1)

4, The design requirements:

a, The machine can meet the needs of the 32m, 24m full-span box girder erection in the railway passenger double line project.

b, While the machine needs to erect the continuous girder or transferring, just to expand the side mould frame and base mould.

c, The machine moves with the walking hydraulic jacking system, replacing the support legs with the steel rope traction method.

d, The single main girder structure with a rigid and flexible support leg as the supporting.

e, The weight-casting capacity: about 900t

f, Max. anti force at working: 5805KN

g, Applicable curve radius: R>2000m

h, Applicable longitudinal slope/ transverse slope: 2%/2%

i, The deflection of main girder: 1/700

5, The installation scheme and procedure:

a, Assemble the temporary supporting frame

b, Install the front and rear support legs, longitudinal traveling auxiliary support legs

c, Assemble the main girder

d, Assemble the hydraulic and electrical devices

e, Place the whole machine in the proper position

f, Install the cantilever beam

g, Assemble and hoist the base mould

h, Install the side mould frame

i, Adjust the base mould plate

j, Assemble the side mould plate and poles

k, Adjust the side mould plate

l, Install wing mould plate

m, Assemble the special-shape mould plate and pier top bulk mould

n, Carry the pressure and load test

6, How to test the machine?

Check the dimension, perpendicularity, pre-camber, deflection when the installation is done.

a, The overall dimension: 62.5m(L) ×20.6m(W) ×5.6m(H above the bridge)

b, The upper deflection of main girder: AF=(0.9/1000-1.4/1000)S

c, Adjust the pre-camber to approach the standard of the instructions

d, The main girder side curvature: AFP≤S/1200

e, Assemble and connect the high-strength bolt according to the standard

7, The instructions for the personnel staff

The operators must read the instructions carefully, and stick with the regulations to operate the machine. The specific requirements are as following:

a, Fasten the machine bottom with pier top and beam surface embedded parts while the support legs are working. The professional personnel must check it carefully before the next procedure.

b, After finishing the poles’ installation, the professional personnel must check it carefully before casting the beam.

c, No operations in the bad weather such as: strong wind, rain, heavy fog and icy snow.

d, No operation and working if the wind force has exceeded grade 7. Take some protection measures to guarantee the machine’s stability when the wind force exceeds grade 11.

e, Equip the lighting device when the machine operates at night in the working area and passageway to guarantee the construction safety.

f, Make sure that the traveling rail is smooth without the obstacles. g, The operators must accept the professional training and achieve    the operations certificates of special equipment.

8, How to dismantle and transfer the machine?     

The dismantling, transferring scheme is opposite with the installation scheme. The procedures are as following:

a, Choose the hoisting equipment according to the part weight

b, Disassemble the special shape mould plate and pier top bulk mould

c, Dismantle the wing mould plate

d, Disassemble the side mould plate and poles

e, Dismantle the base mould structure and plate

f, Disassemble the cantilever beam

g, Dismantle the main girder

h, Disassemble the front and rear support legs and auxiliary support legs

i, Loading and transferring  

HZQ Launching Gantry Integrating Carrying and Erecting Functions

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Launching Gantry

HZQ Launching Gantry

ZZHZ is a professional manufacturer of hoisting machinery, the main products include all kinds of launching gantry, gantry crane which are widely used in the highway construction projects. The honeycomb girder launching gantry made by our company is welded by the honeycomb steel plate and triangular web plate. The overall shape is triangle. Compared with the box girder, it owns the characteristics of lower gravity center, light weight, safe and good wind-resistance. Compared with the truss girder, it owns wide welding contact surface and the suffered force is even. When the truss girder suffers the force, the load-bearing points are the channel steel welding points and easy to mechanical deformation. Therefore, the honeycomb girder owns the characteristics of light deflection and high rigid intensity. The connection method between the two girders is the pin-connecting. While assembling the machine, just entering the six steel pins is enough. In this way the assembly period is short. Usually it only takes a week to install the whole set of launching gantry.

This type of launching gantry made by ZZHZ has equipped with a set of center support leg and ingot beam. The machine is assembled on the road base previously and moves forward to accomplish the task through the piers. After the machine has reached the position, fix the front part as the support and dismantle the pin connection to make the rear part of machine traveling to the concrete girder yard to lift the beam. When these girders are transported to the proper position, fix them with the rail plates and bolts. The trolleys on the front part of the machine lift the concrete girder and move to the piers, place them between the two piers after finding the proper position. For the construction of the edge girder, firstly place the girder in the center position. Then move transversely the girder with the special rack and trolleys to the edge position and accomplish the erection. Because of the different project conditions, we adopt different construction methods according to the exact condition.

The other method is that assemble the machine and erect the girder on the piers directly. Assemble the rear part of machine and install the transverse rail on the ground, then hoist this part to the piers with the truck crane to erect the girder through the lateral movement. Then place the sleepers below the machine as the support device and make the rear part of the machine moving backward 8m. After assembling the front part of the machine and bridge girder erection in the same way, connect the both parts and travel longitudinal to launch and erect the following girders. If it needs to erect in the opposite direction, just replace the position of front and rear support legs to meet the demands.

With the characteristics of multi-function, high efficiency and low cost, the launching gantry integrating carrying and erecting made by ZZHZ has made a significant contribution to the national highway project construction.



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