Walking Type Honeycomb Girder Launching Gantry

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Honeycomb girder launching gantry is specially designed for general highway and railway bridge construction. With unique and reliable honeycomb girder structure, the launching gantry allows air current to pass through the honeycomb hole as it works high above the ground, thus greatly reduce wind impact on main girder, quite safe.

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◆ The first domestic creating isosceles triangle honeycomb beam, it has many advantages, such as light weight, high stiffness, low deflection, and high wind-resistance.
◆ Unique steel pin connection, which is not only firm, but also easy to install.
◆ Flexible steel legs, convenient to disasemble and transfer.
◆ The frequency-converter can be installed according to the user’s requirements.
◆ The span can be within 60 meters , the height of hoisting is under 20 meters, the weight of hoisting is under 200 tons per hoist.
◆ It is widely used in highway、 harbor and railway construction.
Main technical parametershide/show
Item/ Data /Model HZQ50-160B HZQ40-100B HZQ35-80B HZQ30-60B
Max Span 50m 40m 35m 30m
Lifting Capacity 160t 100t 80t 60t
Lifting Speed of Trolley 0.8m/min 0.8m/min 0.8m/min 0.8m/min
Moving Speed of Trolley 4.5m/min 4.5m/min 4.5m/min 4.5m/min
Moving Speed of Gantry 2.7m/min 2.7m/min 2.7m/min 2.7m/min
Loading Capacity for Concrete Girder 80t×2 50t×2 40t×2 30t×2
Speed of Heavy Load 4-8M/min 4-8M/min 4-8M/min 4-8M/min
Speed of Empty Load 18M/min 18M/min 18M/min 18M/min
Max Angle of Skew Bridge 45° 45° 45° 45°
Min Allowed Radius for Curved Bridge R350 R300 R300 R300
The design basis of producthide/show
We design the launching gantry according to the rules of the newest machinery and crane in China, the rules are following:
《Cranes–Test code and procedures》 GB5905
《Safety regulations for hoisting machinery》 GB6067
《Code for design of steel structures》 GB50017
《Safety technology specification for special equipment》 TSG Q7002、Q0002
《Code for construction and acceptance of steel structure》GB50205
《Standard for quality inspection and evaluation of steel structure engineering》 GB50221
《Weld Outer Dimensions for Steel Construction》GB10854
《Code for construction and acceptance of electric equipment installation engineering》 GB232
《General technical requirements of assembly》 JB/ZQ400.9
《Mechanical properties of fasteners》 GB3098
Main requirements of designhide/show
◆ Technical index;
Safety factor 1.5
Using grade: U3
Load state: moderate
Working grade of the whole machine: A3
Working grade of the mechanism:M4
Working condition and requirements of design etc.
◆ Calculation analysis and check-calculation of the whole structure According to technology condition of design of crane, we confirm the construction condition, and then calculate and analyze the strength, stiffness and stability.
After the classical calculation, we start the calculating work of design of steel structure, and adopt the finite element analysis, the load applied to models respectively, and then calculating and analyzing beam element and plate element. Finally, the authoritative department will check and calculate again.
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