details of moving system of HZQY900T launching gantry

What are details of moving system of HZQY900T launching gantry?

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HZQY900T  launching gantry is driven by 28 driving wheels (14 sets, 2 for 1 set) for rear vehicle and front vehicle, the driving power device is of a built-in hydraulic motor connected with wheel hubs of all driving wheels by speed reduction gearbox. Hydraulic driving motor is of variable piston motor connected with gear reducer by same shaft. Reduction gearbox has brake device.

Parking brake is of normally closed type brake which could ensure a higher brake safety as the motor misses and the complete machine is located on the ramp. All driving motors are in parallel oil supply to ensure a same output torque.

Main technical parameters of moving system

Moving method: tires, with automatic power, driven by hydraulic power

Suspension wheel base:  2.25m/38 sets

Drive shaft/brake shaft/driven shaft: 14 sets/12 sets/ 12 sets

Tyre size/quantity:    26.5R25/76 sets

Tyre inflation pressure: ≤0.8MPa

Tyre ground pressure:    ≤0.7MPa

Height adjustment of the complete machine: ±300mm

Min turning radius in moving: 160m (inside)/180m(outside)

Min turning radius as installing girders:2000m

Moving speed with no load (with 3% gradient):0-8km/h

Moving speed with full load on the flat ground:0-4km/h

Moving speed with full load to upslope(with 3% gradient):0-2km/h

Moving speed in tender motion:  0-2.5m/min

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