Main technical parameters for 900t launching gantry

Main technical parameters for 900t launching gantry

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ZZHZ 900t launching gantry could both install and carry precast girders, which is specially designed and developed by ZZHZ for high speed railway projects.


Below technical parameters are for your study:

  1. Rated lifting capacity: 900t
  2. Applicable box girder length: 32.6m, 24.6m, 20.6m
  3. Lifting height: meet the launching gantry to lift, carry and install girder in designated position
  4. Min curve radius: 2000m
No Item Parameters
1 Out dimension (L*W*H) 97×7.2×8.8m
2 Max lifting capacity 900t
3 Lifting height 4-4.3m
4 Girder installation and type 20.7m~32.7m,single cell and double cells box girder
5 Working level A3
6 Applicable longitudinal slope ±3.0%
7 Bridge cross slope ±3.0%
8 Min curve radius 2000m
9 Moving speed for crossing spans 0-2.5m/min(heavy load)
10 Total weight About 640t
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