About us

Launching gantry is large bridge construction equipment which can install precast girders span by span or segment by segment for highway and high-speed railway bridge.
As a professional manufacturer of launching gantries and other hoisting machinery, ZZHZ has been focusing on providing best services and products  for more than 20 years. Our main products in launching gantry series are as below:
1. Launching gantry for highway (20t-300t)
2. Launching gantry for high speed railway (300t-900t)
3. Segments assembly launching gantry (install girders segment by segment in one span)
4. Upstroke movable scaffolding system
5. Down stroke movable scaffolding system
Till now, ZZHZ launching gantry has been exported to more than 10 countries: Singapore, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Mauritania, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria and other countries.
With strict quality control measures and best after-sale service, insisting on ‘quality first, customer highest’, we believe ZZHZ will embrace a better future.