inspection standard for load test of cranes

What are inspection standard for load test of cranes?

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After each crane is prefabricated, we will make a load test before leaving the factory, which ensures the crane to work well and safety in the worksite.

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Below are some inspection standards for load test:

  1. Static load test      1.25times rated load, all mechanisms work well, the crane stops 20-30min as trial load is lifted 10cm high, then measure main girder down deflection(theodolite, ruler). Put down trial load to measure main girder upper camber, repeat 3 times, steel structure does not have permanent deformation;
  2. Dynamic load test     1.1 times rated load, main girder does not down deflection, all mechanisms work well, performance parameters meet the design demand, all limit switches and safety protection interlock devices are reliable, all spare parts does not have cracking and flexible connection, all motors and contactors are not overheat.
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