Safety operation rules for launching gantry

Safety operation rules for launching gantry

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In the bridge construction, safety operation rules shall always come first for personnel safety and smooth operation.

honeycomb girder launching gantry

1. Lateral sliding rails for front and middle support legs shall keep in level and parallel and space be strictly controlled;

2. As installing pre-cast girder for skew bridge, the position for left moving wheels and right moving wheels of launching gantry front, middle and rear support legs shall be stagger to some degree, so that moving wheels of support legs could move along the same sliding rail;

3. Long travel of launching gantry is demanded to reach the proper position at one time, stop at halfway is not allowed;

4. As trolleys of launching gantry move forward with pre-cast girder, it is demanded to use chain block (5t) to tension and fix front support leg with lateral sliding rail for strengthened stability;

5. As installing pre-cast girder for upslope bridge and downslope bridge, anti-sliding measures for launching gantry shall be taken. For example: put triangle iron blocks before and after wheels for protection.

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