Operating rules and attentions for the launching gantry

What are operation rules and attentions for the launching gantry?

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Gneral drawing of the launching gantry

As safe operation of the launching gantry is very important in the bridge construction, ZZHZ summarizes some tips to help workers operate the bridge girder launcher smoothly, for the sake of life safety and smooth construction.

Operation rules and attentions for the launching gantry:
1. Structure installation
a. It is forbidden to change structure without approval from technicians and design department;
b. Connection bolts should be tightened up according to specifications and quantity demanded;
c. It is improper to tighten up bolts used as pins, must take measures to prevent nuts falling off, split cotters bolts will be better;
d. All pins should put split cotters to avoid falling off;
e. Quantity of connection bolts have to be reduced due to wrong hole, missing bolts at each joint face should not over 5% of total numbers, and missing bolts at each connection block should not more than 1;
e. All related staff being involved in bridge construction should be trained to be familiar with the bridge construction process and key link.

2. Structure use
a. When the bridge girder launcher crosses piers and install girders, we must adjust the height of front support leg or middle support leg and transverse sliding rail, make the longitudinal gradient ?0.5%, transverse gradient ?0.5%;
b. Appoint specialist to command and check the machine, front support leg should be stable;
c. Set up a sound check system, check the bridge girder launcher before construction, in construction and after construction for installing one girder, find out hidden trouble and deal with it in time, ensure safe construction;
d. When the bridge girder launcher is operated in the open air, normal work wind speed should be less than 6 grade; when the wind force > 6 grade, the bridge girder launcher is forbidden to work, all mechanism should be in lock condition; work should be prohibited in thunderstorm day and cut off power supply;
e. It is strictly forbidden to put heavy objects on the bridge girder launcher at random to add the load of the machine;
f. Before using the machine, check whether the steel wire rope is worn, whether circuit is in leakage, whether brake is reliable; all reducers and exposed gear can work after being lubricated; steel wire ropes should have at least 3 laps of security circles in the drum; surface and fixed articles of steel wire rope should be checked at every shift turn. Make a detailed examination every 7-8 days;
g. Winch braking system can be used again after examination;
h. If is forbidden for the bridge girder launcher to move longitudinally as installing girders, rail layout must be smooth with enough subballast, specially assign someone to maintain the rail track;
h. Lifting and moving speed should be slow to avoid tilt and overturn;
i. After the support legs are in position, plug in security pins to avoid hydraulic cylinder bearing force for a long time;
j. When any element or pipeline is in trouble, stop the machine immediately, appoint specialist to check and maintain the machine, the operator is forbidden to dismantle the machine without permission, as checking and repairing the machine, must cut off power supply;

launching gantry crossing piers

k. Only specialist receiving special training can operate the bridge girder launcher; the operator must be full-time qualified personnel, it is forbidden to operate the machine without related certificates or for non-operators.
l. Overload and overheight is strictly forbidden; pulling or lift objects at an angle or pile extracting is forbidden;
m. Must set up the mark to note rated lifting capacity, span, working level and manufacturer;
n. Throwing objects down from the bridge girder launcher is forbidden; lifting objects move from people?s head is forbidden; lifting working personnel with hook or on heavy objects is forbidden; putting combustibles (such as kerosene) on the machine is forbidden;
o. In one year make a safety technology check on the bridge girder launcher; as transferring the machine every time, the bridge girder launcher can work after test run according to above mentioned installation and commissioning regulations;
p. The bridge girder launcher can not lift objects, move transversely or longitudinally at the same time;
q. Staff familiar with crane circuit can be responsible for maintaining electrical equipment of bridge girder launcher;
r. If current-carrying part or bare conductor shell or protection cover is not complete, it is forbidden to use the bridge girder launcher;
s. If lighting is needed as maintaining, floodlight which can carry with voltage < 36v is proper; t. All current-carrying parts on the motor, electrical equipment and electric enclosure should be connected with ground; u. Other unmentioned matter should be in accordance with related standards and procedures. 3. Personal security
a. Prohibit double layer work;
b. Working high above the ground should fasten the safety belt tightly;
c. Strictly follow related regulations for electric safety;
d. As installing and dismantling the bridge girder launcher, it is strictly forbidden for somebody to stand on the lifting objects;
e. Set up protection rails at top of pier cap to ensure construction safety, it is strictly forbidden for somebody to stand under the bridge girder launcher.

Install boundary beam

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