Moment Limiter

How to Use and Maintain the Moment Limiter?

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ZZHZ should send technicians to train buyers? workers after installing the moment limiter; on one hand the production for users won?t be affected for common failures of instrument, on the other hand the manufacturer can reduce cost. Users should master the follows as receiving training:

HZQ900 type launghing girder for high speed railway

HZQ900 type launghing girder for high speed railway

(1)??? Different types of crane, different sensing force mechanism, different methods for installation;

(2)??? There will be some deviation more or less after using the moment limiter for some time. Adjustment method: carefully read the operating instruction manual and adjust it one to two times guided by manufacturers, then you will know exactly about the trouble.

(3)??? Training receiver should learn from service staff some handling and analytical methods for common failures as many as possible, and carefully make a record for future use.

(4)??? Key point to use the moment limiter is to master functions of press buttons on the panel. For operators, functions of some common-used buttons should be kept in mind.

(5)??? For lifting equipment in the hydroelectric construction, it is very complicated for disassembly, move and installation. As disassembling the equipment, crane operator or full-time electrician must duly handle installed display instrument, connection wire cable, power device, sensor and other parts. It is better to make a mark before disassembly, properly protect them from mutual collision to avoid causing damage.

(6)??? There are various working conditions for crane, only familiar workers can operate the crane. If workers are flexible and do not know adjustment methods to make the moment limiter work in the failure state, which will cause an inconceivable result. So using and maintaining the moment limiter must follow the principle ?fixed operator, fixed equipment, fixed duty? as that of special equipment.

(7)??? The force part of moment limiter will be damaged for a long time use or it will have a large error for display weight affected by natural environment, so check system accuracy at fixed period every once in a while. Weight should be re-adjusted and demarcated, and related documents should be archived if deviation is beyond the scope of national standard, which is very important for proper use and maintenance in the future.

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