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How to Choose Proper Crane Moment Limiter?

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Crane is equipment with higher construction risk, once the accident occurs, it may cause serious consequences such as casualties. So we must pay attention to safety issue of crane. Technicians from ZZHZ say correctly selecting and maintaining crane moment limiter will not only reduce or even avoid serious accident caused by overload, but also ensure safe work of cranes.

launching gantry for tunnels

launching gantry for tunnels

Moment limiter develops fast in recent years, it mainly features:

  1. higher and higher host machine integration and intellectualization degree;
  2. multi-window and large screen for displayer which can record real-time operation condition of crane;
  3. remote control function realizes monitoring all working condition data of crane;
  4. Fast and convenient installation and adjustment, greatly improve reliability of product.


There is a wide range of moment limiter in the present market. As selecting a proper crane moment limiter, ZZHZ suggests to follow the characteristics of crane type as well as principles below: quality and performance comes first, price second, give priority to domestic products.


Quality and performance of moment limiter directly influences the use of crane, and domestic products will provide a convenient way to use and change products for its perfect and fast service in the later period.


The following items should be mentioned as maintaining crane moment limiters:

  1. pay attention to joint mark to avoid damaging instrument output port caused by wrong wire connection as connecting wire of control box;
  2. as getting off work, turn off host machine power to avoid accelerating aging degree of electronic elements in the high temperature for a long time
  3. avoid the display instrument to be directly exposed to sun and rain;
  4. non-maintenance personnel is forbidden to adjust without permission button on the instrument and adjustment bolt of power device, if a trouble comes, professional technicians should handle faults according to technical specification, consult manufacturer if it can still not be handled.


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