ZZHZ wants to see the big world!

ZZHZ wants to see the big world!

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ZZHZ is one of China leading manufacturers and exporters of launching gantry. Founded in 1992, ZZHZ has been dedicated in this field for more than 20 years. With increased experience, wider vision and intense domestic market competition, ZZHZ gradually moves its eyes on the global market.


‘The world is so big that I want to see it’, that is the famous words spreading in China in 2015. And it totally expresses what ZZHZ wants to say and wants to do. In the coming years, ZZHZ will be based on global market to promote and develop its business.

Its unique advantages:

1. unique and special honeycomb girder structure is patent product of ZZHZ, featuring high rigidness and low deflection

2. use CAXA sotware  to design the drawing, make the launching gantry have a wider application range

3. Finite Element Analysis calculation on main structures ensures safe bearing loads

4. advanced technology and experienced design and manufacturing team

5. strict and comprehensive factory inspection items

6. perfect after-sale service

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