Oversupply of cranes

ZZHZ—Service Quality is theKey Point As Cranes Face Problem of Oversupply

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As infrastructure construction policy in our country is energetically implemented in recent years, the quantity demand on cranes also increases gradually and there are more and more crane manufacturers. As data display, China crane output from January to July, 2012 is 4725647.19 ton. With higher estimate on market needs, crane may face problem of oversupply in the coming years.

ZZHZ cranes

ZZHZ cranes

Current crane market is stagnant, at the moment profit ratio of users is compressed, the second market does not see the signs of recovery, manufacturers face higher operating pressure for over stating the market prospect. Under the situation, users become more cautious and rational to place an order, and pay more attention to actual performance of cranes and technology strength and service ability of manufacturers, hoping new machine to bring market competitive force and return. Therefore, service quality becomes the key point for customers to choose a proper crane manufacturer.

ZZHZ has set up an all-around service pattern since establishing the company, namely complete machine sales, after-sale service, spear parts supply and information feedback, which greatly meet the demand ?rapid respond? of customers and win favors of numerous companies.

ZZHZ products are widely used in fields such as high speed railway, high speed railway tunnel, high way, bridge construction, and water conservancy and water electricity. ZZHZ acquires 8 patents in total, 1 invention patent therein. Besides hoisting machinery, ZZHZ also produces launching girder, concrete batching plant, concrete spraying system and other products.

As facing adverse conditions, ZZHZ realizes continuous increase of production and sales by high quality service. The company takes adjustment measures in the aspect of organization chart, production and marketing management, pays all attention to core marketing, provides perfect service, constantly promotes the level of scale and specialization, improves brand competitiveness and market share, thus motivates China crane market to keep moving forward.

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