honeycomb girder launching gantry

Why the crane is called honeycomb girder launching gantry?

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Honeycomb girder launching gantry developed by ZZHZ is a new type bridge construction crane in crane fields. It is unique and practical.

main girder of launching girder

main girder of launching gantry

The main girder of the launching gantry is honeycomb girder.
For honeycomb girder, it means many hexagonal holes which looks like honeycombs in the main girder, with which the air current could pass through the hole when the launching gantry works high above the ground. Then it greatly reduces wind impact on the gantry, so it is quite safe.
In ZZHZ, a honeycomb girder launching gantry is usually used to construct a highway bridge with precast girder in one full span< =200t.
Main features:
a. quite safe
b. high wind-resistance, high stiffness and low deflection
c. light self weight
d. flexible legs
e. unique and reliable pin connection, easy installation and disassembly
f. high quality imported electrical elements are used

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