Why the accidents would happen on the Construction Machinery and How to Prevent Them?

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The unsafe operating behavior, equipment and environment are the three causes of the accidents.
1.The improper personal behavior
1)The improper use of safety equipment.
2)The staff’s dress faies to compliy with the rules.
3)The working behavior failes to conform to the operating rules.

2.The concentration is not The following environment and equipment is easy to cause accidents.
1)The unclear working environment.
2)The placement of the materials and tools fail to comply with the relative requirements.
3)The equipment and facilities have no protective devices to prevent the damage.
4)There are too much noise and no lighting.

3.The setting of the equipment fails to comply with the requirements.The methods to prevent the accidents.
1)The dangerous factors of working field and environment should be understood.
2)The unsafe operating behavior should be avoided and the safe working methods should be employed.
3)The machine should be used correctly to ensure the equipment can operate normally.
4)The unsafe factors should be removed.

4.Always keep guard and alert.The simple analysis of the work.
The simple analysis of the work refers to mastering the knowledge of distinguishing the dangerous source through the talk with your team, and then study a protective tool. By this, you can find and understand the main dangerous sources and address them in time to ensure the safety of the work.

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