What’s the composition of the launching crane ?

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Bridge Girder Launcher

Launching Gantry

Bridge girder launcher is made up of main girder, lifting trolley, front auxiliary legs, front legs, middle legs, rear legs, middle auxiliary legs ,rear bracket,electrical system and hydraulic system etc.

(1)main girder and guiding girder
Main girder and guiding girder are made up by front guiding girder,bearing girder and front,middle and rear connecting frames. The lower bottom is welded by channel steel which as the outrigger suspended moves forward.
2)Lifting trolley
It is made up of longitudinal moving gear box, U beam, transverse moving beam and rail, transverse moving gearbox, trolley rack, winch, pulley block, hanging beam ,connection framework, reaming base and pin.
There are front auxiliary legs, front legs, middle legs, rear legs,rear bracket and middle auxiliary legs. And front auxiliary legs, front legs, middle auxiliary and rear legs have telescopic functions.
(4)Hydraulic System
It is made up of three groups of independent hydraulic stations of front, rear and front auxiliary legs, multiple directional control valve, cylinder and oil way. Located at the bottom of main girder, three hydraulic stations provide power for telescopic support legs.
(5)Electrical system
It is made up of motor and control cabinet , connected by cable, guide line and motor.

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