HZQ900T bridge girder launcher

What?re features of HZQ900 bridge girder launcher?

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HZQ900 bridge girder launcher is designed and developed aiming to the characteristics of the various girder types, the heavy lifting capacity, the high erecting precision,applicable to different spans and curved bridge . And it has below features:

HZQ900T bridge girder launcher

HZQ900T bridge girder launcher

1.1, Simple bracket erection: with the retractable flexible front support leg and the rigid O type rear support leg as the simple support to form the simple support state of full-span bridge erection and forcing clearly.

1.2, Simple bracket from one pier to the next pier: combing the trolley, the auxiliary trolley with the auxiliary support leg to make the state of the traveling between piers as the full-span simple support one. The longitudinal stability and safety of the crane is higher.

1.3, The two lifting trolleys can meet the box girder erection requirements, the four-point lifting and three-point stress to guarantee the good forcing of the girder.

1.4, The lower self height, the winch was installed on the rear part and separating from the trolley which reduce the height of crane effectively and no resistance to through the high space.

1.5, It?s very convenient to erect the first and end beam which adopts the lower guide beam that solves the difficulties of erecting the first and lasted two girders.

1.6, The transportation and erection is separated which improves the construction efficiency.

1.7, Equip the monitoring alarm, emergency brake, limit stopper, overload protection device, two-stage brake for the winch, the wind monitoring and control device in working environment.

1.8, The co-ordination of the auxiliary and front support legs meets the requirements of the variable span adjustment.

1.9, Equip the cab and wireless control on the crane. In particular, the remote control is close to the construction site, simple operation, safe and reliable.

1.10, With the function of the micro-adjustment, the clearance ?2mm

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