ZZHZ bridge construction crane

What is Workers Preparation for Bridge Construction Crane?

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As large-sized bridge construction crane for constructing a bridge, only with clear, definite division of labor and uniform command, only with full-time operator, full-time electrician, full-time safety inspector, the bridge girder launcher can work normally. To ensure construction safety, there must have strict construction organization and measures. The basic personnel conditions are as follows:

ZZHZ bridge construction crane

ZZHZ bridge construction crane

One commander: be acquainted with bridge structure and basic requirement of hoisting work. Firstly learn more about bridge structure, assembly program, operating method and instruction manual, and then he must have certain organization ability, be familiar with command signal and have a strong sense of responsibility

One electrician: could read the circuit diagram of bridge construction crane and connect the wire according to drawing, be capable of rapidly clearing trouble in work. The one with strong responsibility, skilled operation experience, quick response can handle and be in charge of operating the machine.

One hydraulic worker: know well basic knowledge of hydraulic system and master skills of use and maintenance; be capable of correct operation and trouble-shooting.

Two lifting workers: have lifting work experience many years, with strong sense of responsibility and certain mechanics knowledge, be familiar with operating regulation and safety code of lifting worker, and be responsible and serious

Six backman:  have certain knowledge, strong, can bear hard work and be keen to learn professional knowledge.


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