Calculation conditions for the launching gantry

What is the calculation condition for the 40/160 bridge girder launching gantry?

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?1. Design technical conditions

launching gantry

launching gantry

Rated lifting capacity????????????? 160t

Utilization grade????????????????? U5

Load condition??????????????????? Q2

Complete machine working level??????? A5

Institutions working level????????????? M4

Trolley track gauge?????????????????? 6.0

Trolley lifting speed with full load?????? ?0.9m/min

Trolley moving speed with full load????? ?2.75m/min

Moving speed for the complete machine to cross piers??? ?2.75m/min

Max wind pressure in working condition???? 250N/m2

Max wind pressure in non-working condition ??????????????????????800N/m2


2. Safety factor and admissible casino spiele stress

Take load combination based on present national standard crane design code GB3811-83

Table 1????? material safety factor and admissible stress (MPa)

material Safety factor?n? pull?press?bend??? Shear force??? Pressure-bearing??cd??
?type load combination Q235


177 102 265


259 150 386
?type load combination Q235


205 118 308


300 173 450

Note: if thickness of rimmed steel and structural steel > 15mm and thickness of steel plate > 20mm, the admissible stress should be multiplied by 0.95 to be reduced.


3. Allowable static deflection of bridge girder launcher frame [ f ]

Span L= 43m, middle span: [f]?43000/700?61.43mm

Span L= 30m, middle span: [f]?30/700?42.85mm

According to clause, crane design code GB3811-83, working level of bridge crane is A5 or below A5, YL?L/700;


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