What is the brief introduction on frequency converter?

FAQ 三 09, 2013 What is the brief introduction on frequency converter?已关闭评论

Frequency converter is not suitable for any condition, to use it, you must learn more about load, environmental demand and frequency converter itself.


Load type and frequency converter selection. Load driven by motor is different, the demand on the frequency converter is also different.

Draught fan and pumps belong to common loads, having the simplest demand on the frequency converter, it can be used only the frequency converter capacity is equal to the motor capacity; crane type load, it mainly features large starting impact, so certain allowance is demanded on the frequency converter. need to use brake unit or common guide line; non-uniform load, choose frequency converter capacity according to load; load with great inertia such as centrifugal machine and others, they will vibrate and give energy feedback as starting with large load inertia, so choose frequency converter with larger capacity to speed up starting and avoid shocking.

Long-term low speed running, the motor heating value is high, please use motor with independent fan, or use the way to increase reduction ratio or use 6 grade motor to reduce turning speed, keep the motor move at a higher running frequency.

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