HZQ30-80 bridge girder launcher

What is the brief introduction of HZQ30-80 bridge girder launcher?

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HZQ30-80 bridge girder launcher

HZQ30-80 bridge girder launcher

(1). technical solution

1. bridge girder launcher program

After researching and analyzing current highway bridge girder launcher at home and abroad, combining with our successful experience, we develop and produce the walking type bridge girder launcher according to practical situation.

According to layout of bridge girder section, the bridge girder launcher is designed as honeycomb type double girder machine with7mcentral distance between two main girders, which features reasonable bearing capacity, good lateral stability and high safety. In terms of convenience, reliability, safety and working performance, the bridge girder launcher is better than others.

Therefore, we determine the technical plan based on the practical situation of the project.


2. design basis

1) ?road bridge reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete structure design codes??????????????????????? TB1002.3-98

2) ?crane design standard???????????????????? GB3811-2008

3) ?crane test standards and procedures????????? GB5905-86

4) ?hoisting machinery safety codes???????????? GB6067-85

5??design code for steel structure????????????????? GBJ50017-2003

6) ?general assembly technology requirements??????? JB/ZQ400.9-86

7) ?general technology requirements on weld assembly?JB/ZQ400.3-86

8) ?fasteners mechanical properties????????????????? GB3098-82

9)?low-voltage apparatus basic standard?????????????? GB1497-85

10)?general technical specification for hydraulic system? GB/T3766-2001


(2) General scheme for bridge girder launcher

The walking type bridge girder launcher is made up of main girder, lifting trolley, front support, middle support, rear support, rear bracket, electrical system and hydraulic system.


Main girder length about50m, central distance between two main girders:7m, the lifting trolley can move transversely, front support and rear bracket have telescopic function.


When moving from one pier to next pier, the middle support and roller gearbox of rear bracket provide power to make the whole machine with counter weight move forwards

When installing the girder, front support stands on transverse rail of front abutment, middle support stands on precast girder surface installed, rear support and main girder are connected by bolts


(3) Introduction of structure and function


Main technical parameters of bridge girder launcher

item specification
Span(m) 30
Rated lifting capacity(t) 80
total weight of launching gantry(t) About 105
Structure Honeycomb girder
Minimum curve radius(m) ? 400
Maximum allowable gradient(%) Longitudinal gradient ??3%

Transverse gradient ??4%

Lifting speed(m/min) 1.0
Crane longitudinal moving speed(m/min) 4.6
Crane transverse moving speed(m/min) 3.0
trolley longitudinal moving speed(m/min) 4.6
trolley transverse moving speed(m/min) 1.7
Power(kw) About 75
Comprehensive working speed 2 span in 3 days
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