honeycomb girder stiffness

What is stiffness advantage of honeycomb girder?

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According to calculation results, honeycomb girder improves the stiffness of main girder in the condition without any increased weight.

honeycomb girder

honeycomb girder

a. compared with box girder: stress at web plate centre of box girder is near to zero, to improve utility value of web plate, ZZHZ makes honeycomb hole in the web plate, thus inertia moment of main girder reduces little. Relatively speaking, material utility value is improved.

b. compared with truss girder: truss girder generally uses approximation method to calculate static stiffness of main girder, so its reduced moment of inertia usually is 0.7-0.8 times of moment of inertia of upper and lower chord of truss girder.

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