segmental balanced cantilever method

What is segmental balanced cantilever method?

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Segmental balanced cantilever method means erection of pre-cast girder segments outward from fixed pier to alternate sides. And the following segments are connected with each other by coating epoxy and temporary pre-stressing. Finally, cantilever tendons are installed and stressed from one segment to its counter-part on the other side of the pier.


When all segments of a new cantilever have been erected and tendons stressed, a closure joint is made at mid-span called a stitch. Afterwards, continuity post-tensioning tendons are installed and stressed in-between the piers for span continuity

The balanced cantilever erection with launching gantry saves the cost for lifting equipment. Bridge segments are delivered along completed segments, and most works proceed above the ground as well, therefore no disruption is caused to existing traffic. All temporary loads are introduced directly into piers.

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