segmental assembly overhead launching gantry

What is segmental assembly overhead launching gantry?

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Considering features of segmental assembly construction, combining long term design and fabrication experience on segmental assembly overhead launching gantry, ZZHZ develops HZP series  box girder overhead launching gantry.

HZP1600 overhead launching gantry

HZP1600 overhead launching gantry

The overhead launching gantry is made up of main frame, support structures, overhead travelling crane for lifting girders and transverse luffing mechanism. Consisting of main girder and guide beam, main frame is main load bearing part of the launching gantry, guide beams are arranged symmetrically at front and rear part. Support structures include four parts: front, rear support legs and auxiliary front, rear support legs, working load of the launching gantry is transmitted to bridge structure. The lifting, longitudinal moving and transverse moving of launching gantry can be realized by hydraulic cylinders on front and rear support legs. For span shift bridge, the launching gantry can install precast girders by just changing the position of support legs. Lifting capacity of overhead travelling crane is designed as 150t, one 10t trolley is also equipped to help lift small articles on the precast girder.

The overhead launching gantry uses advanced and integrated mechanical, electrical and hydraulic structure, for the convenient use of front, rear support legs as well as the convenient jacking and expansion of auxiliary front and rear support leg. As overhead travelling crane lifts precast girder segments, its moving, lifting and positioning can be in remote control, with adjustable speed, smooth, sensitive and reliable motion; in the winch system, it is equipped with advanced overload protection control device, over-winding protection device and less-winding device. In addition, to ensure “safety, efficiency” of the launching gantry, the equipment is equipped with wind warning system, all limit switches and emergency stop switch.

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