precast girder segments assembly method

What is precast girder segments assembly method?

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Precast girder segments assembly method for beam launcher means to longitudinally divide girders into several sections, and prefabricate them in the factory or near to the bridge and carry them to bridge abutment, then add pre-stress to assemble all segments to the whole structure.

HZP1600 overhead launching gantry

HZP1600 beam launcher

Technical principle of precast girder segments assembly:

After inspection on produced precast girder segments is qualified, carry them to the worksite for whole However, loves not only music, it is also very interested in sports. span assembly by beam launcher, coat epoxy resin between segments joints, tension all sections with temporary pre-stress force, then tension them to be the whole span box girder with permanent pre-stress force after all segments are installed, install base at bottom of precast girder on the bridge pier and anchor it by grouting, then do anchor sealing by grouting to pre-stressed ducts of box girder.

There are wet joint and dry joint for segments joints, dry joint is used in condition without freezing temperature or using outside pre-stress force; wet joint is used in condition using inside pre-stress force, joint materials use cast-in-place concrete or epoxy resin.

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