Hydraulic system of Movable scaffolding system

What is Overview of Hydraulic System of MSS660 Movable Scaffolding System?

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  1. ? Overview

1.1?? Hydraulic system of 660t movable scaffolding system is special hydraulic equipment designed and fabricated for ZZHZ, the system uses hydraulic elements, auxiliary parts with high quality in domestic market, featuring compact structure, reliable quality, reasonable design, convenient maintenance and other advantages, be in accordance with technical demands in GB3766-87 General-purpose Technical Conditions for Hydraulic System.

Movable scaffolding system

Movable scaffolding system

1.2?? The hydraulic system uses closed oil tank structure which is allowed to work in the dust environment, while dust on the hydraulic equipment should be cleaned frequently to ensure good heat dissipation of the system

2.?????? Structure features

2.1?? The structure uses horizontal type oil pump motor set, features small volume, light weight, low noise, compact structure, convenient installation and maintenance.

2.2?? Manual operation by multiple directional control valves makes the system feature simple structure and convenient operation

3.?????? Main technical parameters

System rated pressure: 31.5Mpa

System rated flow: 13L/min

Working medium: 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil

Ambient temperature: ?-25??+35?

Fuel tank capacity: 350L

All electromagnet: DC, 24V

Motor: AC 380V, 50 HZ

Motor power: 11KW?turning speed?1460r/min

Cleanliness demands for oil normal work: GB/T14039 20/17(NAS10 grade)

4. Installation

4.1 Open the packing box after the hydraulic system is transported to the worksite, and according to packing list carefully check whether all parts of hydraulic system meets the supply scope of contract, whether they meet the design demand, and whether there is a damage, or contact with manufacturer immediately.

4.2 After all packing boxes are open, all exposed fluid ports shall be confirmed to be covered or packed until equipment installation and piping to avoid pollution to hydraulic system.

4.3 After all parts of hydraulic system are prepared; do piping according to condition in the worksite and YZ-482 hydraulic system drawing.

4.4 Final installation connection can be done only after a qualified cleanness, and sealing elements shall not be left out and damaged in the process.

4.5 common failures and handling methods shall be in accordance with related instruction specification for elements and auxiliary parts

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