LD single girder bridge crane

What is Main Structure of Single Girder Bridge Crane?

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Purpose and structure

LD electric single girder bridge crane (the following says crane) is a kind of light lifting equipment, used with CD1?MD1 and other electric hoists, lifting capacity 1-20t, span 7.5-22.5m, working environment -25?~+40?, humidity ?84?. It works under the environment without fire, explosion and corrosive matters and it is prohibited to lift liquid metal, and toxic, flammable and explosive objects. Work duty: intermediate work system?JC25%?

LD single girder bridge crane

LD single girder bridge crane

The product is a crane with general purpose, suitable for machinery fabrication, assembly, warehouse and other places. Features of its structures are as follows:

(1) Metal structure

Box type main girder is welded by U type trough plate rolled by steel plate and joist steel group. Cross girder is installed and welded by joist steel rolled by steel plate. For convenient storage and transportation, high tension bolts are used to connect main girder and cross girder.

(2) Lifting system

Be equipped with electric hoist which moves longitudinally along main girder, details of structure features are shown in the electric hoist specification.

?3?Moving system

Adopting independent driving form, the product uses driving device of LD model electric single girder overhead crane, use tapered rotor motor to match with ?one open and one closed? gear reducer to finish moving

?4????? Electrical parts

ZZHZ products take tapered brake asynchronous motor as matched motor. Electric hoist and crane moving system are equipped with safety device, such as lift limit switch, crane terminal point limit switch and others. LD model electric single girder overhead crane is controlled on the ground or in the cabin according to different control modes; has two types according to control circuit and voltage: low voltage (36v) and high voltage (380v); CD1 model (single speed) and MD1 model (dual speed) according to electric hoist lifting speed.

The specification provides electrical control principles diagram and installation wiring diagram under low voltage single speed and low voltage dual speed conditions.

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