MSS660 Movable Scaffolding System Bridge Making Machine

What is main structure of MSS660 Movable Scaffolding System Bridge Making Machine?

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(1) Main structure

General dimension in working condition length 70m, width 19m, height 12m, from upper to bottom part, ZZHZ movable scaffolding system is made up of support frame, support gearbox, front and rear guide beam, main girder and lateral connection part, bottom die, side die and rear anchoring beam, anti-typhoon device, hydraulic system and walkway (stairs, platform) and other parts. Realize functions of automatic jacking of hydraulic system, lateral moving and longitudinal moving to cross piers. The movable scaffolding system bridge making machine? can meet two-way construction demands: moving forward and moving backward construction.

MSS movable scaffolding system

MSS movable scaffolding system

(2) Design basis

Crane design codes?????? GB3811-83

Steel structure design codes GB50017-2003

Steel structure construction and acceptance specification GB50205-2001

General safety technology requirements on construction machinery JB/T6030-2001

Highway bridge design codes JTJ021-89

(3) Main material quality and allowable stress

Material quality: support beam and connection plate of support beam joint material: 16Mn steel, pins: 45# steel?40Cr steel, support rolling wheel is processed by ZG55 quench, high tension bolt 8.8 grade, the rest structure: Q235B steel. Thermal refining for all 45# steel and heat treatment for all 40Cr steel should be done.

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