HZY900T girder carrier

What is main feature of HZY900t girder carrier?

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HZY900t girder carrier is used to carry 900t precast girder to the rear part of HZQ900T bridge girder launcher.

HZY900t girder carrier

HZY900t girder carrier

Main feature of HZY900t girder carrier:

a. Vehicle width 7000mm, overall length 43200mm

b. the vehicle is high-tech products integrating with “motor, electrical device and hydraulic system”,

adopt hydraulic drive, hydraulic suspension and independent steering for These two planets combine to make you far more analytically driven than other libra love horoscope Decans. each walk bridge and frame hydraulic elevating leveled, using technical grade microcomputer to control and drive, swerve, go up and down, levelling, as well as realize many kinds of running modes such as direct movement, diagonal movement, “splay” type swerve and semi “splay” type swerve.

The whole machine moves very flexibly to achieve driving without slipping or with less slipping and to complete work task in smaller working site

c. Select and use excellent general parts and standard components during design, all main auxiliary equipments are of famous brand at home and abroad, combination property and engineering level of the whole machine reach international advanced level.

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