Launching gantry

What is launching gantry?

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Launching gantry is a special bridge construction equipment to put precast girders on prefabricated piers.

common railway launching gantry

common railway launching gantry

It belongs to cranes, for it mainly features to lift, transport and put down precast girder at fixed position; while the launching gantry is different with general cranes, it demands a harsh term and moves on the girder (namely longitudinal moving). The launching gantry is usually divided into highway launching gantry, common railway launching gantry and special railway launching gantry.

Launching gantry moves on the highway and railway track to install precast girders. With high working efficiency for girder installation, its girder installation technology is fully taken into consideration in the bridge standard design inChina. Because of large equipment body beyond the limit of railway transportation, the launching gantry should be dismantled firstly, and then assembled in the worksite.

Launching gantry in ZZHZ is mostly used to install reinforcement concrete girders or pre-stressed concrete girders. Friends from all over the world are warmly welcome to visit ZZHZ inChina.

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