HZY900T Girder Transporter

What is HZY900t Girder Transporter to Work with Launching Gantry?

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(1) General arrangements

1.Motor of HZY900 girder transporter is placed in rear part, frame girder in middle parts with 2 columns 16 axis, 2 wheels for each wheel set, 64 wheels in total;

HZY900T Girder Carrier

HZY900T Girder Carrier

a. front 5.5 axis for driving with 22 wheels in total, the tyres are Tsingtao Techking tires 26.5R25 tubeless pneumatic tire which decreases the ground connection pressure of tires to the fullest extent by increasing the contact area;

b. hydraulic pressure suspension device, hydraulic drive, electro-hydraulic steering and hydraulic element are of international famous brand

c. control system is of fieldbus control mode, both the front and rear part install driving cabs with same configuration, main electrical control elements are made in Finland

2. Torsion must be prevented on transporting box-type concrete precast girder.

Because the hydraulic suspension device is in group connection to realize three-point support with isosceles triangle structure, and the box-girder is of symmetrical section, the torsion won?t happen by just keeping its geometric center and center of girder transporter in line when loading

3. When coordinating with girder transporter to feed girder, the statically determinate three-point support is transferred to hyperstatic multipoint support which greatly increase support stability and reduce torsion of frame girder;

a. Because it is still transferred from statically determinate three-point support to hyperstatic multipoint support, the support counterforce does not change, the stress state of box-girder can be kept

b. After lifting one end of box-girder, the suspension center is one strong point, trolley for dragging girder forms two support point, statically determinate three-point is kept.

?(2) Main technical parameters

Load capacity 900t
Self weight 280t
Dimension (L x W x H) 38.6m x 6.95m x 3.4m(cab not included)
Moving speed Empty load in flat 0-12km/h
Heavy load in flat 0-5km/h
Working pressure Heavy load in flat 21MPa
Heavy load in climbing 30MPa
Climbing gradient 5?
Min radius in turning 38.4m? outside
26.3m?? inside
Power 2 x 420kw
Tyre shafts 16
Tyres 26.5R25, 16 X 4?64
Shaft distance 2.1M
Wheel distance 5.0/1.2m
Wheel pressure < 0.6MPa
Grounding angle 8?
Off-grounding angle 13?
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