HZY900T Girder Transporter

What is HZY900T Girder Transporter to Work with Launching Gantry? (1)

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(1) Introduction

.Product name : HZY 900 girder transporter

Product model: HZY900

HZY—girder transporter series of ZZHZ(Zhengzhou Huazhong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd)

900—rated lifting capacity 900t

C—stands for engineering vehicles

1—26.5R25 tyre series


HZY900T girder transporter

HZY900T girder transporter

(2). Main feature, purpose and applicable road surface

1. Main feature:

a. Vehicle width 7000mm, overall length 43200mm

b. the vehicle is high-tech products integrating with ?motor, electrical device and hydraulic system?,

adopt hydraulic drive, hydraulic suspension and independent steering for each walk bridge and frame hydraulic elevating leveled, using technical grade microcomputer to control and drive, swerve, go up and down, levelling, as well as realize many kinds of running modes such as direct movement, diagonal movement, ?splay? type swerve and semi ?splay? type swerve.

The whole machine moves very flexibly to achieve driving without slipping or with less slipping and to complete work task in smaller working site

c. Select and use excellent general parts and standard components during design, all main auxiliary equipments are of famous brand at home and abroad, combination property and engineering level of the whole machine reach international advanced level.


2. Purpose

The girder transporter can transport 20m, 24m, 32m box-type concrete girder for double track railway special line for transport of passenger with speed 350km/h and 250km/h, from precast site to girder-erecting workstation via shortcut, roadbed, bridge (steel structure continuous girder and continuous girder with steel and concrete integrated included), and culvert, thus completes relevant girder carrying anderecting work with bridge girder launching gantry.

Girder transporter can also carry bridge girder launching gantry to transfer to another site in short distance between bridges, to pass twin track tunnel on railway special line for transport of passenger


3. Applicable road surface

Dry road surface with flat cement or asphalt or consolidated stone without oil contamination.

(3) Structure

1 Frame structure

2. Trolley for dragging girder

3 Hydraulic suspension device

4. Dynamic system

5. Hydraulic system

6. Electrical system

7. Brake system

8. Steering system

9. Cab

HZY900T girder transporter

HZY900T girder transporter

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