honeycomb type main girder of ZZHZ launching gantry

What is honeycomb type main girder of ZZHZ launching gantry?

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ZZHZ Launching gantry uses new and unique honeycomb type main girder which features high stiffness and low deflection and will bring large benefit to our customers. Please take below introductions as a reference:

ZZHZ launching gantry

ZZHZ launching gantry


1. Honeycomb-girder (patented product) is first-made by Huazhong which enjoys a good fame in industry inside and outside

2. Light self-weight, large load, high wind-resistance and high rigidity, low deflection, so it is quite safe

3. Flexible legs, easy to transfer to another site

4. Reliable and unique pin connection, short-time installation

5. Imported and high-quality electronic components also ensure the safety of hand operation

(2) Introduction of honeycomb girder

1. Unique and new structure

a. Triangle end face

b. honeycomb hole in two sides inclined plate

c. chord member on top and bottom

d. connecting pin on junction

2. convenient to use and install

3. save materials

4. small windage area, high stiffness and transverse module, large bearing capacity

(3)background to develop honeycomb girder

1. Box-type girder: large load, quadrangle end face, large windage area, but unsafe in field work and working high above the ground

2. Truss girder has lighter self-weight than box-type girder, small windage area but low stiffness and overall stability. if one of the connection points goes wrong, the entire girder will be in trouble which leads to unsafe construction and quality un-guaranteed

3.The new-style honeycomb girder developed by our company solves the problem above, and “ isosceles triangle honeycomb girder” wins the patented product

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