MSS660 Movable Scaffolding System

What is Construction Period Analysis for MSS660 Movable Scaffolding System?

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Before we begin to use movable scaffolding system, we should keep in mind the construction period to construct one span girder, so that the construction? process can be ensured.



Construction period analysis for MSS660 movable scaffolding system is as followings:

1. Install reinforcing steel bar of bottom and web plate, lay pre-stressing hole and put in pre-stressed tendon. (1.5 days)

2. Install scattered internal formwork ?????(1 day)

3. Install reinforcing steel bar of top plate?? (1day)

4. Pour and maintain concrete (internal formwork loosing is included to reduce friction loss for pre-stressing tension)? ?????????????????(4 days)

5. Stretch-draw pre-stressed tendon. ???????(0.5 days)

6. Drop formwork to remove the connection between bottom formwork truss girder and bottom formwork connection bolts at the part of bridge axis (bottom formwork centre joint). Move laterally to separate the formwork, move longitudinally to cross piers, move laterally to close the formwork, lay bottom die and end die at pier top. (1.5 days)

10 days in total. Usually it is more appropriate to construct one span for 10 days in the normal construction, first span installation and commissioning could be finished in 1 month, the first two spans concrete girders can be arranged to produce according to the schedule 15 days per span because workers are not familiar with the condition.

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