ZZHZ Double Girder Bridge Crane

What is Brief Introduction on ZZHZ Double Girder Bridge Crane?

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QD type double girder bridge crane is used for handling and assembling objects and other job in machinery fabrication industry.

The bridge crane is of double girder structure, two rails for trolley moving are respectively set up on the face-panels of two main girders.

QD type double girder bridge crane

QD type double girder bridge crane

Crane parameters list

Item General purpose bridge crane
Specification QD10—13.5-12
Quantity 1
Main technical parameters Itemparameters   Lifting system
Working class M6
Lifting capacity t 10
Lifting speed m/min 0~4~10
Lifting height m 13
Motor type and power YZP160L—6/11w
Distance between wheel tread and highest point of crane 1410
ItemParameters Trolley moving system Crane moving system
Working class M6 M5
Span and rail gauge m 1.8 13.5
Moving speed m/min 0~20~40 0~40~80
Motor type and power YP1.5kw YP2.2kw×2
Max wheel pressure KN 32 95
Rail type Kg/m Square steel 50×50 P38
 Trolley weight Kg 2500 Complete machine weight Kg 12000
Performance specification The bridge crane is suitable for factories and mines, factory workshop, warehouse and other places, handling, lifting and transporting objects in fixed span indoor or outdoor.The bridge crane is made up of box type crane span structure, crane moving system, trolley and electrical system. All mechanisms are controlled in the operation cabin.




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