reducer of the launching gantry

What is Brief Introduction on Planetary Cycloidal Reducer?

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For storage of the reducer of the launching gantry, it is necessary to note the following recommendations

segmental assembly bridge girder launching gantry

segmental assembly bridge girder launching gantry

1. Storage place:

Store reducers in a clean, dry place

2. Maintenance in storage period

Treatment against rust is recommended

Renewal of oil: one year for grease lubrication, six months for oil lubrication

Contact the factory when using out of China

3. Using the storage reducer

Oil seal should be checked for it will be easy influenced by temperature and time. If it is aging please replace it.

When stat running the reducer, please check whether it has an unusual noise, vibration or heating. Check the brake. Contact our nearest agent and after-sale office if this occurs.


Dangerous mark: keep distance with reducer when it is hung

Make sure that the weight of the reducer is no more than the normal capacity of the lifting device. The weight of reducer can be read from the nameplate, paper packing, drawing, samples etc.

Installation notice

Installation place

Ambient temperature: -10℃ to 40℃

Moisture: under 85%

Altitude: below 1000 meters

Air environment: not corrosive, no flammable or explosion gases, good circulation of air

Location: indoors


  1. If the installation place can not meet above conditions, the reducer should be non-standard. Under this situation, contact our company
  2. mount the reducer in a place where maintenance and inspection or other works can be done
  3. mount on a rigid frame

Installation angle

Reducer with grease lubrication can be installed at any angle

Reducer with oil: the oblique angle of shaft center line should be no more than 15 degree, otherwise contact our company.

Strict loading condition

In case of big vibration during start-up and operation, fastening pins are recommended on the frame, which should be up to 8.8 class mounting hex bolts

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