After-sale service of ZZHZ

What is after-sale service of ZZHZ?

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ZZHZ does not only sell the products, but also provide high quality after-sales service which help customers solve many problems and release them from worries behind.


(1)    Documents provided after delivery of cranes

  1. electronic edition general drawings of main parts of cranes;
  2. electronic edition operation and assembly instructions;
  3. electronic edition factory inspection certificate copies;
  4. electronic edition delivery documents showing delivery time, delivery items and quantity

(2)    Installation and commissioning

ZZHZ will send 1 or 2 technicians to help training of workers, guide installation and commissioning of cranes 1 month with free charge. But the customer shall be responsible for their round way tickets, food and accommodation and safety there. Beyond the period, the customer shall pay them with standard: USD 10,000 per person/ 30 days.

(3)    Training

ZZHZ will help train your workers in the worksite, to teach them how to operate the crane safely and normally. If there has any issue for language understanding, the customer shall offer a good interpreter.

(4)    Quality warranty period

1 year since finishing installation and commissioning

(5)    Quality warranty policies

1. ZZHZ promises to provide brand-new and quality guaranteed products

2. ZZHZ promises to provide practical solution to settle the problem the user encounters

3. ZZHZ will try its best to meet demands of customers

4. ZZHZ will resolutely protect its legitimate rights and interests if it is threatened.

5. Spare parts replacements range with free charge:

a. Spare parts failure caused by quality problems in the quality warranty period

b. Attached parts for crane listed in the instruction

6. Spare parts replacements range with charge

a. All parts replacements beyond the quality warranty period

b. Spare parts and other systems failure caused by abnormal and wrong operation, diagonal tension stress, personal factor and other unacceptable factors

c. Wearing parts beyond the quality warranty period

d. Other parts does not include in the range with free charge

(6)  Emergency response

1. For any sudden trouble of cranes, ZZHZ will respond it within 24 hours once receiving the information from customers; and give technical guidance to solve the problem;

2. If the problem still exists after customer follows our guidance, ZZHZ will send technician to the worksite within 1 week.





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