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What Factors Will Decide the Price of Launching Gantry?

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The launching gantry is an equipment to install precast girder on prefabricated piers, making a huge contribution to bridge construction in China. With fast development of high speed railway, more and more launching gantry is widely used in the high speed railway construction. While price of launching gantry is quite different with larger fluctuation, why does it happen? Below is a simple analysis from ZZHZ:

launching gantry

launching gantry

  1. Different brand. Famous brand has better quality warranty, more considerate service and more guarantees compared with small factories. That makes a difference.
  2. Different type. According to different demands, each type for one customer group. Different needs, different type, then different cost leads to type difference.
  3. Old or new equipment. New equipment usually uses new technology and better spear parts which cause a rise of cost and expensive price. As time goes on and launching gantry prevails, the price will decline gradually.


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