packing on launching girder

What do you know about packing on launching girder?

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Launching girder is large bridge construction equipment which is also called overhead launching gantry, launching gantry, bridge girder launcher, bridge construction/ building crane, usually it uses full span method to install bridge girders, then move to next span.

main girder of launching girder

main girder of launching girder

With a large weight and volume, launching girder can not be packed as easily as that with a light weight and small volume.

Based on past experience, 80t launching girder and below specification can be packed in containers during the course of sea transportation; while with a larger lifting capacity, it can not be packed in containers but by nude packing. What to be mentioned is that all structures of launching girder have to be handled with anti-corrosion coating whatever it is with nude packing or in containers, thus it will protect the machine properly.


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