ZZHZ quality control measures

What are ZZHZ quality control measures?

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Launching gantry demands a high quality as special bridge construction equipment. To be responsible for workers and equipment, ZZHZ adopts below quality control measures:

ZZHZ launching gantry

ZZHZ launching gantry

1. During raw material purchasing process, check the steel materials by combining physical testing and chemical analysis to ensure its qualification. For outsourcing parts such as electrical elements, hydraulic system and other parts, ZZHZ will choose brand-famous products with qualified certificate and perfect pre-sales, sales and after-sale service, so that stable and smooth operations of launching gantry can be realized.

2. During fabrication and processing course, ZZHZ uses numerical cutting machine to ensure cutting accuracy, nondestructive inspection to ensure perfect welding joint, heat treatment technology to ensure higher yield strength, stiffness and toughness, casting steel technology featuring strength, plasticity and toughness to ensure long service life of spare parts.

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3. After finishing production, special person will be appointed to inspect the launching gantry, then start trial installation and trial run. Once any trouble occurs, solve it immediately. And otherwise ZZHZ will invite local quality and technical supervision bureau to inspect the machine which can be delivered to the worksite only it is qualified. To meet demands of foreign customers, we can also invite a third inspection party to verify it. Currently ZZHZ has obtained ISO9001:2008 and CE certificate issued by Moody International.

Quality promise measures of ZZHZ:

1. ZZHZ promises to provide brand-new and quality guaranteed products

2. ZZHZ promises to provide practical solution to settle the problem the user encounters

3. ZZHZ will try his best to meet demands of customers

4. ZZHZ will resolutely protect its legitimate rights and interests if it is threatened.

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