What are the advantages of bridge girder launcher for highway?

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ZQ32/165T bridge girder launcher(zzhz.com) is designed for highway and railway. According to the situation of present railway with less sub grade, more bridges and tunnels which connected too closely, our company learn from advantages of other launchers at home and abroad and close the gap, after amend the drawings many times, ZZHZ(zzhz.com)designs and makes this new box-girder bridge launcher(double girder).
a. Low height, narrow width, light weight and compact structure. The whole set can pass through the tunnel; what’s more, it can feed girder and erect girder in tunnel.
b. The weight of the maximal part is no more than 6.6t and the length is no more than 10m which can meet the vehicle transportation rules.
c. To meet the requirement of the limit of present railway, it can work under the condition of multiple tracks.
d. The symmetrical design of main girder, and to reserve the hole of bolts to erect girder bidirectional and shift span for erecting
e. Auxiliary trolley and upside-down charging gantry are added, and it has quite complete function which can lay track. It can erect the girder of highway after modification.
f. It can move a long distance on the rail with self- power
g. Compact structure, easy to install and maintain for users. It only needs to disassemble partially when transfer site by train, the upside-down charging gantry can fold and pack by itself without a hoisting machine.

Launching Gantry

Bridge Girder Launcher

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