test content of launching gantry

What are test content of launching gantry after being installed?

FAQ 三 05, 2013 What are test content of launching gantry after being installed?已关闭评论

The launching gantry needs to be installed after finishing fabrication. To make sure thebridge girder launcher

quality and customer’ satisfaction, we need to inspect and test the launching gantry.ZZHZ is a professional

factory with launching gantry design , manufacture and installation, and our technicians have very rich experience, below test content for launching gantry is for your reference:

1.       the connection of hydraulic tube

2.       the connection of electric circuit

3.       the paving of rails

4.       high strength connection bolt reach the fixed torque

5.       starting the traveling trolley and watching its running and winch’s lifting.

6.       turn on power and watch the light of instrument panel .

7.       opening the hydraulic system and hydraulic pressure gauge.

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