Safety operation for the bridge construction crane

What are Safety Operation Specifications for Bridge Construction Crane?

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Bridge construction?crane is used as lifting machinery equipment in the?bridge construction.? How to operate the overhead crane safely is as follows:

HZQ32-165 bridge construction crane

HZQ32-165 bridge construction crane

(1)Requirements for drivers

1. Steady. The driver should start and brake the crane smoothly so that the hook, spreader and lifting objects will not swing.

2. Accurate. Hook, spreader and lifting objects should be accurately parked above the designed position on the basis of steady operation

3. Fast. On the basis of steady and accurate operation, the driver should coordinate related institutions to move in order to shorten work cycling time and ensure continuous work, thus improve production efficiency.

4. Safe. Ensure the crane to work efficiently and reliably in a good condition. The driver should strictly complement crane security technology operation procedures so that any personal accident and equipment accident won’t happen in the operation

5. Reasonable. According to specific conditions of lifting objects, manipulate controller rightly and control it reasonably based on learn, master crane property and electrical motor mechanical features


(2) Driver’s responsibility before working

1. Strictly follow the shift relief system, finish relief work well, learn equipment condition from related people or reading handing-over records

2. Seriously check whether the mechanical equipment, electrical parts and fault secure device are in good and reliable condition before starting the crane. After confirming everything works well, the driver can open the power switch, test run the crane several times to check carefully sensitivity and reliability of safety interlock switch and limit switch, if main accessories such as controller, brake, limiter, bells and emergency switch are out of order, it is strictly forbidden to lift objects and record the situation in the equipment tally sheet.


(3) Driver’s responsibility in the operation

1. Must follow the command of signalman and should stop the crane immediately whoever gives a emergency stop signal.

2. The driver should give a warning signal as meeting the situations as below:

a. starting the crane but before moving it

b. near to other cranes in the same level

c. when lift the objects

d. when the objects is near to workers on the ground

e. when the crane lifts objects to move above the crane express way

f. when the crane breaks down in the process of lifting objects

3. Slow the speed when the crane moves close to winch limiter or terminal parts, or the crane meet with neighbouring overhead crane. It is forbidden to back off when needs a brake, use limiter as a way of outage and stopping the machine, use emergency switch to replace normal switch.

highway bridge construction crane

highway bridge construction crane

4. When the crane stops work, it is forbidden to hang the lifting objects in the air

5. It is strictly prohibited for hanging objects to move over or stay above the head, the objects should move along the lifting safety passage

6. It is not allowed for the hanging objects to stay too high from the ground; when the hook does not lift loads, stay at the position above one person height.

7. During operation, distance between two cranes cart moving wheels should not less than500mm

8. As lift heavy duty objects, firstly try to lift products a little to ensure a smooth hanging and a good brake, then rise up slowly.

9. It is not allowed to operate three mechanisms at the same time(namely crane, trolley and winch) in the lifting process

11. If hanging objects falling down caused by a sudden breakdown happens, take emergency measures to drop down the objects to the open space

12. There should have enough lighting for night working.

13. When maintain the crane, park it in a safe place, cut off the power supply, set up rail on the ground and hang the mark “No Passing”. It is not allowed to make a maintenance and adjustment when the crane is travelling.


(4) Driver’s duty after finishing the work

1. After finishing operating the crane, park the trolley at the end of main girder which is away from crane slippery touch line. Parking it at the middle of main girder is not allowed; crane should park to the certain place.

2. Lift the hook near to the upper limit position, no hanging spreader and objects.

3. For magnetic chuck and grab crane, put the truck and grab on the ground, suspending on the air is forbidden.

4. All the controllers should be back to zero, pull the emergency switch in an open circuit situation and pull down power cupboard knife switch.

5. Check the crane before getting off work, write down in the handover notebooks the problems arising in the work and examination situation, especially make clear the unsafe factors and hand the notebook to related workers.

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