ZZHZ launching crane

What are reasons to cause flaws on the steel structure of launching crane?

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There will have flaws on the launching crane steel structure after a long time use, which will pose a great danger to safety of launching crane, so we must find reasons to cause flaws.

ZZHZ launching crane

ZZHZ launching crane

1. During the equipment installation process, some improper strengthening measures

It will cause corrosion to some extent after using the launching crane for a long time, to make the matter worse, severe corrosion will make the launching crane having a larger impact force which causes flaws. So we must often check spare parts of launching crane in the routine work to ensure lubrication and smooth and avoid friction and corrosion, and when the engineer designs the launching crane, they must take factors for corrosion into consideration.

2. Influenced by up loads and down loads

In the actual work, overload may lead to flaws on the steel structure of launching crane

3. Caused by wind load

The launching crane usually works outdoor, wind load will have a big impact on the exposed steel structure, when wind force is more than 9 grades, load for launching gantry will be double times that of original load, then max middle bending stress of launching crane will overload, which causes flaws

4. Grave flaws in the fabrication pose a danger to main girder of launching crane

Flaws in the fabrication are unavoidable, so some strengthening measures such as adding channel steel and steel plates at the bottom of main girder have to be taken in the design to reduce damage on the main girder to the lowest.

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