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What are Quality Warranty Measures for MSS660 Movable Scaffolding System?

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Quality warranty check for MSS660 movable scaffolding system ensures the normal working of equipment after leaving factory, thus provide a guarantee for buyer”s convenience and save maintenance cost for sellers in the future, save unnecessary troubles for both buyers and sellers.

Below are quality warranty measures for MSS660 movable scaffolding system :

1. Trail installation should be done before all parts of movable scaffolding system leave factory, all turning or opening or closing parts should have a trial running or opening or closing, check for all parts or weld joints must be necessary. After all parts meet the demand of design and qualified check, the movable scaffolding system can be put in use.

2. Contacting with ground directly should be avoided for all parts of MSS660 movable scaffolding system in the worksite; 10-21cm clearance height should be left.

3. Main girder is divided into 3 sections to be transported to the worksite and re-install and re-connect them with finished bolts 8.8 grade whose type, specification and technical condition must be in accordance with China standard GB1228-1231-84 and whose quality certificate from manufacturer must be shown.

4. Safe operation must As an Air sign, horoscope libra intellectualises emotions. be kept in mind anytime in the lifting and installation process.

5. It is not allowable for main girder to put on the ground directly, use crosser to make main girder suspend in the air to prevent stain and damage of bottom rail of main girder and other parts.

6. All machining parts should avoid rain water, dust etc, bolts, nuts and spacer included.

7. All hydraulic parts should avoid rain water, dust etc, hydraulic hose should be stored indoor, high temperature for long time and humid environment will damage the hose.

8. Install triangular support and upright at two sides of piers, and then tension ?32mm high tension finish rolling deformed steel bar, the tension force should be uniform and meet design value, add double nuts (single nut can be added for upright)

9. As the movable scaffolding system is working with wind load limit, it can move forward normally as wind speed ?12m/s (6 grade), the equipment should keep still but concrete box girder can be constructed with wind speed between 112m/s?22m/s (7-8 grade). The equipment should stop working with wind speed 22m/s?30m/s?9?10 grade?. The equipment should stop working and be firmly connected with piers with wind speed ?30m/s?10 grade ?

10. Welding and pin plate fabrication at connection parts of main girder and guide beam should be strictly in accordance with drawings, pin plate material: 16 Mn, flaw detection is demanded before using it and lossless material can be used.

11. Concrete girder construction process and check should be strictly in accordance with construction specification and technology

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