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What are price factors for launching gantry?

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The launching gantry is the equipment which installs the pre-cast concrete girder on the prefabricated piers. This invention has made a great contribution to the Chinese bridge construction field.

launching gantry

launching gantry

As the development process of the high-speed railway projects in China speeds up gradually, the launching gantry will play a more important role in the following construction period. Nowadays the manufacturers of the launching gantry increase greatly which make the price of the machine varied, even the high price fluctuation. Then what leads to the phenomenon and why it exists. ZZHZ (Zhengzhou Huazhong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd) will analyze briefly:

1, brand differentiation

The famous brand which owns not only the best quality but also the excellent service has more advantages over some small manufacturers. This results in the price difference among the brands.

2, model differentiation

Each model corresponds to a certain customers based on the different requirements. The different requirements and models lead to the different corresponding production costs which further causes the price difference among the models.

launching gantry

launching gantry

3, performance differentiation

The new machine may adopt the advanced process; craftsmanship; spare parts and components etc, which make an increase in the production cost and expensive price. Like a phrase “the newer, the higher”. As the time goes on, the machine popularity will slow down the price gradually.

“Keeping innovation and pursuing excellence” is always the important development concept of ZZHZ (Zhengzhou Huazhong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd). Warmly and sincerely welcome the customers from home and abroad to ZZHZ. We are at your service anytime.

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