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What are packing and transportation issues for launching gantry?

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Launching gantry is of large and super-large construction equipment with large volume, so its packing and transportation become one of main issues for customers. Proper and reliable packing and transportation can help them save cost and time.


About the packing:

Launching gantry with span<=30m, lifting capacity<=80t can be loaded in 40′ containers, one container can load about 20-25t.

Launching gantry with span>30m, lifting capacity >80t will be in nude packing.  The sea transportation fees usually charged in USD per volume.

About the transportation:

We usually transport the launching gantry by truck  in domestic market, for export, the launching gantry will be transported by sea after carrying them to the port by truck.

Usually one truck can load about 30t.

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